HR Review

Insight and peace of mind into your HR processes, policies and more with a free, no obligation HR health review.

What is a HR review

The HR Health Review is an independent, and impartial review of your HR practices and procedures to help you to reduce risk and cost, improve performance, and demonstrate where HR can add value to your organisation

Our on-site HR review can be extremely valuable because it highlights weaknesses that you may not even be aware of. All sized organisations have HR weaknesses but, if they are left unchecked, they can cause a plethora of potential legal issues.

Why does my organisation need a HR review?

That’s a good question. It may be that your organisation has never had a HR professional and therefore you might not realise the risk involved in having an organisation that may not meet the requirements of employment law.

Our role at Belvoir HR Ltd is to provide a free HR review with you at your organisation to discuss where you feel you have HR issues, as well as potentially identifying other HR issues that you may not be aware of. Examples of issues we can review include job descriptions, statements of terms and conditions, company handbooks, to name a few.

Additionally we are also able to help guide you through the more complicated side of HR i.e. restructuring, redundancies, TUPE, etc.

How will it benefit my business?

You will have the benefit of an experienced HR consultant providing detailed advice and recommendations across your HR departments or specifically at the areas you choose to review.

Our approach can be tailored to meet your exact requirements in order to deliver the insight that will enable you to better drive the performance of your HR function.

If you are in need of HR support, a HR review is a useful exercise to highlight any training or ongoing support that you may need. Following this, we can work with you to develop a suitable plan.

What does it involve?

One of our accredited consultants will visit you on-site, listen to your worries and work with you to highlight areas of concern. Throughout the on-site review, the consultant will also check a whole host of policies, documents and procedures from the most to the least impact to ensure everything is compliant so you can rest assured.